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Machu Picchu

Who is Explore Peru Travel? We are a travel agency that provides authentic and innovative experiences with a respectful relationship with socio-cultural customs, the environment, and the regulations of the countries we promote. We are characterized by the personalization of our tourist services, with empathy, attitude, and professionalism, turning customer dreams into reality and exceeding their expectations.


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Our Special Peru Custom Private Tours are built around specific activities and themes, and are customized trips made to meet and depend on your particular interests. We have arranged adventure travel tours to the Amazon rainforest jungle, Cultural trips, Adventure trips like the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Luxury wine and pisco tasting trips, travel trips across the dunes of Huacachina and across the country, and hiking to Machu Picchu. Our Special Interest Journeys take you to destinations that will surprise and intrigue you, places with profound natural beauty, enthralling cultures and history, and endless opportunities to indulge and explore in what you care about most.

Explore our selection of Peru tours and find your perfect itinerary. Come to Peru to discover a mystical land with ancient citadels, coastal metropolises, enchanted lakes, bellowing canyons, top notch hotels and world-renowned gastronomy. You can see the Amazon Rainforest, the Pacific Ocean, the Andes Mountains, and some of the most revered ruins in the world like Machu Picchu all in one trip. Visit one of the most fascinating countries on the planet with local guides and first-rate accommodations, and cross some top destinations off your bucket list!

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